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An initiative of Mama Josephine Mawutor Ndinyah-Akpedonu , Tsamepeki.com is a community based portal of Tsame-Peki one of the cluster of communities making Peki Traditional Area in the Volta Region of Ghana. Volta Region which is one of the 10 Administration Regions in Ghana shares border with Togo in the East and boasts of several tourist attractions including the highest mountain (2,095ft) in West Africa, Volta Lake, the biggest man-made lake in the world, unique waterfalls and game.

Tsame-Peki is a beautiful community nestled at the foot of a hill and surrounded by indigenous tropical forest and savanna with high floral concentration and boast of rich traditional culture. Here you can find a diversity of birds and butterflies.Tsamepeki.com is built on a vision to promote the socio-cultural and infrastructural development of the  area through diverse community-based projects.

The Chief Architect Mama Josephine Mawutor Ndinyah-Akpedonu , the newly installed Development Chief and Queen Mother of Tsame-Peki in addition to acceleration of the infrastructural development of her community also sees the advancement of local institutions and human resource development as the bed-rock of sustainable development. ..
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