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The culture of Tsame cannot be divorced from the wider Gbidukor which comprises Peki traditional area and that of Hohoe a separate community which serves as the district capital of one of the political administrative enclaves in the Volta Rgion.


Gbidukor simply means Gbi state, came into existence over 300 years ago after escaping from a tyrannical ruler in Notsie in the now Togo and settling at separate geographical locations; their present day communities.

The people of Tsame-Peki have a rich culture and history dating back to time immemorial.The people are mostly peasant farmers and vendors who move from one surrounding market to the other to sell wares such as farm produce, provisions, locally manufactured products and imported items.

African Music and Dance is so spectacular and characterized most traditional festivals and funerals. Festivals especially are celebrated with magnificent pageantry with chiefs and elders dressed in rich kente cloths and other hand-woven dresses decorated in ornaments such as gold, silver, bronze.

The major festival of the area  Gbidukorza was institutionalized in 1996 when after more than 300 years of being separated by geographical, colonial and other historical circumstances.

Chiefs aith crowd approaching durbar grounds More dancing
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